Start learning russian!!! Learn russian language independently and for free!


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Good afternoon! To start to learn Russian language better after reading these simple instructions, you can translate in any browser! Write at least 25 new words a day, repeat them, watch movies and listen to songs!

If you do not understand something-ask me, write, do not hesitate!

Try to start with exactly the words that you need to start talking, with children's videos, counting books, fruits and vegetables. And then move on to more complex words. There are a lot of videos and tutorials on YouTube, you can Google them in your native language, if you don't find them, then in English or Russian. Thousands of different tutorials !!!

After you have already recorded more than 500 words, you need to subscribe to this channel, where there is
100 video with captions, you need to enable them in the YouTube settings. If you urgently need to learn Russian-then write your task to me, I will always help! There are many different videos on YouTube, tens of thousands of different videos, but you should always know what your current task is! What kind of music do you like, what do you understand best! If you like humor, then you should watch it a lot and often. And if documentaries and historical films - then you should look for them, preferably with titles, there are many other tools for learning the language! You need to get acquainted on forums and social networks, not to be complex about your pronunciation, and look for options for immersion in the Russian language even without coming to Russia. As little as possible to listen to your native language, immerse yourself in movies and music, so the adaptation will be faster!

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